“My dad told me that if I wanted his love, then I should become his little boy” When I was 8 years old, my dad told me that if I wanted his love, then I should become his little boy. He said that girls were useless and worthless.  I wanted his love, so, I did …

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“Those that are not comfortable with this should be free to get the help they need for themselves – as I was!” From when I can remember I felt like I never belonged! either with my family, at school, I actually thought I was adopted. The family scene was quite emotionally abusive, My parents were …

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“This same-sex attraction was unwanted and caused huge amounts of distress and mental anguish including suicidal thoughts.” I was born in Hamilton NZ, and at the age of 18 moved to the UK to live. I am bisexual. At least that’s how some people would describe me – though I wasn’t born this way. For …

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“I have been free from the torment in my mind for more than forty years” Before I was five, I experienced three separations from both parents. I arrived prematurely in the early 1950’s. Not considered strong enough to go home with my mother, I remained in hospital care until I was deemed ready. Back then …

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“I believe the significance of my journey is that I had the freedom to seek out help” I was born in New Zealand. At a very young age, I tragically lost my father, which also resulted in a short period of separation from my family. As a young teenager, and over the course of some …

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“I left a psychologist’s office having a new found freedom.”


“My heart was no longer a slave to the past.”

Walt Heyer

Walt is a former transgender with a passion to help others who regret gender change.

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