Anita’s story – I’m not a politician, just a very concerned mum

I do not normally voice personal opinions on social media but I cannot stay quiet when our government is steadily making decisions that remove my rights to raise my children as I believe is right.

I will not stand by and have other people who have no love for my children tell me how to raise them. Telling us what we can say or not say is a breach of our rights for freedom of speech.

The reality is I hate confrontation but my kids are more important than anything else in this world.

1. Excluding parents from making decisions on vaccinations (regardless on stance). And the bullying tactics by both government and social media for those who don’t conform to their stance is so disappointing to see/hear.

2. School Counsellors have replaced parents with supporting our daughters who may get pregnant and seek counselling… they can take our daughters to get an abortion without even including the parents. It’s great they have counselling available but this shouldn’t replace parents.

3. The government is currently trying to push through yet another controversial law (conversion therapy) without considering our rights. We already have gender neutrality being promoted in schools, however now they are wanting to make it a criminal offence to counsel our children on gender confidence (male/female). Under this bill, children are being given authority to make life altering decisions like taking puberty blockers without parental consent. Pastors, counsellors, parents… none will be spared being under the microscope. Where is our freedom to seek our preferred support if they are being criminalised for giving it.

I have never seen someone based on their gender stance but on who they are as a person, and I do not push my own personal values on others in order to be friends with them. That is unfair and small minded. Would I love for others to share my values? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean they are not an amazing person. It would be nice if those with liberal mindsets offered the same respect to me and my values/faith.

Apparently it is fine for schools to promote liberal views to my children, but if I am to equally share my values/beliefs, under this new proposed law, I will be exposed to criminal charges. It’s not right and all New Zealanders should be throwing up a stink to allowing the government to dictate how our own children are raised.”


Thank you Anita for expressing so well what many NZ families are feeling at the moment.

If you agree with Anita, now is the time to speak up.                     
Submissions on the proposed “conversion therapy” ban close on Wednesday 8th September

Thank you to the literally thousands of you that have already made a submission. If you haven’t yet, please consider speaking up.

The key concerns around this bill are the potential criminalisation of:
• Parents who affirm the biology of their children and oppose gender ideology
• Consent and the right to self-determination, freedom of religious expression
• Counsellors, carers & teachers who offer support to those who request it
• Places of worship, prayer & pastoral support, and possibly faith-based schools who teach and explain their religion’s core values & beliefs

Also, here are some legal opinions on the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill:

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