Free Speech Union criticises Conversion Practices Prohibition Bill

Here is an intelligent critique of the Conversion Practices Prohibition Bill, written by the Free Speech Union. We encourage you to read the full article, in which the Free Speech Union expertly explains why the the bill is an “ideological over-reach by the Government”, and that the proposed bill not only “undermines free speech” but also constrains “freedom of religious expression and speech”.

As we’ve already posted –  advice provided by Crown Law states that the bill causes a ‘significant limitation on freedom of expression,’ and that there could be a ‘chilling effect on legitimate expressions of opinions’. Several other legal experts have also criticised the proposed bill as impinging on the freedoms of New Zealanders.

You can make a submission opposing the Conversion Practices Prohibition Bill, read more here.

Submissions close SOON! – Wednesday 8th September – Don’t delay doing your Submission.

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