Watch Family First’s oral submission on the ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bill

We made our oral submission today on the ‘conversion therapy’ bill. You can watch the short presentation.

Watch Bob McCoskrie, Family First’s National Director, present the oral submission to the Select Committee.

Family First’s oral submission covers key issues, including:
• criminalising of parents, counsellors, carers & teachers
• criminalising family discussions, prayer and faith-based teachings in places of worship & schools
• criminalising consent & personal autonomy
• what the Government’s own legal advisers have told them, including the admission ‘we have no data on current practices or how widespread they are’
• a form of ‘conversion therapy’ is happening in schools – it’s called gender ideology. Will this be banned? Parents don’t agree with it being there
• there are many people who have experienced gender dysphoria and unwanted sexual feelings who have found lasting change and healing through counselling. Do they count?

Oral submission…/09/FAMILY-FIRST-ORAL-SUBMISSION.pdf
Written submission…/family-firsts-submission…/
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