Experts ‘slam’ puberty blockers as reckless, dangerously tinkering with nature

How safe are puberty blockers for our children? As our Government goes full speed ahead into banning so-called ‘Conversion Therapy’ (while at the same time seemingly endorsing the use of puberty blockers on pre-teens), we must conclude that the use of puberty blockers is also a form of ‘conversion therapy’ and one that is very dangerous indeed. In fact, experts are saying it’s “reckless, and dangerously tinkering with nature”.

We’re including excerpts here from a couple of articles, both documenting the expert opinions of a leading psychiatrist and constitutional lawyer. Paul McHugh, an emeritus professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, and Gerard Bradley, of Notre Dame, argue that neither young people nor their parents can possibly understand what they are missing by delaying puberty, one of the most mysterious aspects of human physiology. (links to the full articles can be found at the bottom of this post).

McHugh and Bradley make it very clear that children cannot make these choices (on the use of puberty blockers and gender transition), and they should be protected from them.

“In other animals, all that they shall be is in place at puberty. For us, puberty amounts to a kind of second birth; it is the start of our becoming contributing members to our times. To block puberty and then artificially redirect its course is to tamper with a vital human developmental matter with no reason for confidence in what will emerge beyond a lifetime preoccupied with medico-surgical interventions to maintain the illusion that one’s sex has changed.”

They also say …

“Leave the kids alone.” Let their brains and bodies develop unimpeded, and let them grow into the adults they would naturally be. Then, after they have acquired some understanding of what is involved and some readiness to accept the consequences of their decisions, let them choose for themselves what they want from their lives and their given sexual natures.

We did our own work as well, looking into the subject of puberty blockers, with the assistance of a Professor in Pediatrics from Australia – Dr John Whitehall.

I don’t know of any greater intervention in the brain and the body” – Dr Whitehall

You can also read this … What do puberty blockers do? by Dr John Whitehall

TVNZ’s Sunday programme recently ‘examined’ the issue of puberty blockers for children who have gender dysphoria. But sadly this wasn’t an ‘investigation’, but rather a further pushing of the media’s own narrative and bias. We watched the programme with Dr John Whitehall, and applied a ‘blow-torch’ to statements made on the show.

Watch his analysis – as we bring some much-needed balance to this issue.

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