BBC criticised by transgender teacher, for pushing dangerous pro-trans content onto children

Don’t think this isn’t happening in New Zealand too… Mega-broadcaster BBC used to be regarded as one of the world’s leading broadcasters, renowned for its intelligent and objective content. That reputation has become tarnished over recent years as the BBC ramps up a much more biased agenda, focusing heavily on content filled to the brim with gender identity, sexuality, critical race theory and general wokeism. Much of this content is targeted at young people, it’s persuasive but also very concerning indeed. 

It’s time to take a close look that the content and messaging being pushed on to our children.

As the famous saying goes … 

“He who controls the media controls the minds of the people”

We’re increasingly disturbed and concerned by what the media is pushing onto people, but especially what they are pushing into the minds of children. The BBC is world’s oldest national broadcaster, and also the largest broadcaster in the world. So it’s of some concern that the BBC appear to be leading the charge with persuasive and emotive content which promotes gender transitioning for teens.

For example, a recent a BBC educational film told young children that there were “over 100 gender identities” to choose from and therefore decisions to be made. Another BBC film ‘Transitioning Teens’ features a transgender activist who talks to several teenagers desperate for medical treatment. ‘Transitioning Teens’ discusses hormone therapy and surgery, with images showing teenagers apparently buying hormones over the internet from unregulated sources. The focus throughout is on drugs and surgery, not psychiatry and psychotherapy. No wonder the demand for gender transitioning, especially amongst kids, has skyrocketed.

Many adults and parents think this is wrong, including UK teacher Debbie Hayton who is herself a transgender person:

“Between radio, TV and its social media output, the BBC’s transgender message might be consistent, but in my view, it is also wrong.

Many people in the UK are protesting, asking for the BBC to be defunded (as it is a state broadcaster).

We doubt many parents truly want their children exposed to this content and teaching. And if you think this will not happen in New Zealand then you’re mistaken, much of the same ideology and content is being rolled out via our media, activists and even Government agencies. Our own Ministry of Education has recommended that schools “normalise transgender identities”, “consider ways to increase the use of gender-diverse language” in the classroom, question gender stereotypes and norms for children as young as five years old, affirm “diversity”; and says that “using gendered language such as “girls and boys”, “ladies and gentlemen” can be alienating for gender non-conforming and gender diverse students.” Source: TKI (a Ministry of Education Initiative) – “Supporting LGBTIQA+ students”

We believe this dangerous agenda is being pushed onto kiwis by both the Government and the media, much like what’s happening in the UK via the largest institutions including the BBC.

Here is a brilliant article written by UK high school teacher and trade union officer Debbie Hayton, a transgender person herself.

We encourage everyone to read this informative and unbiased artice.

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