New Study Finds 12-Fold Higher Suicide Risk For People Who Had Gender Surgery

One of the most common statements made by transgender activists in relation to trans identifying children is —‘Would you rather have a trans kid, or a dead kid if you don’t let them transition?  “This claim is used to engender fear and anxiety in parents. It also figures in the practice of schools keeping a child’s social transition secret from parents, in the shutting down of debate about the safety of puberty blockers, and in the promotion of bans on so-called “conversion therapy”. 

 Landmark research from Finland earlier this year found that the suicide risk in a large group of trans-identifying youth was predicted NOT by the gender distress itself but by the mental health problems that often accompany gender distress.

And last year, a study in Denmark found that trans-identifying people had a suicide death rate 3.5 times higher and a suicide attempt rate 7.7 times higher than people who did not identify as transgender.

 Now, a new study just published shows that those who underwent gender surgery had a suicide risk 12 times higher than those who did not. The study utilized patient data from 56 health care organizations in the U.S. and over 90 million patients. The study concluded, “Gender-affirming surgery is significantly associated with elevated suicide attempt risks, underlining the necessity for comprehensive post-procedure psychiatric support.” The study’s findings fly in the face of the argument from those advocating radical gender theory, who claim that “gender-affirming care” prevents suicide attempts.

Dr. Jordan Peterson blasted both President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau following the release of the study’s results as both countries (like New Zealand) have yet to take any action to curb the dangerous effects of gender procedures, especially on children.

Jordan Peterson posted on X

12x the suicide rate post “gender affirming” surgery. The butchers and liars were murderously wrong. The Cass report indicated this. Canada and the US are still enabling this. That’s you @POTUS (President Biden) and @JustinTrudeau and it is utterly barbarous and inexcusable. Putting children to the knife. “Follow the science,” gentlemen.

Perhaps Jordan Peterson could also include our Prime Minister in this post.

Link to study here

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