McBLOG - They're desperate to indoctrinate your children

They’re desperate to indoctrinate your children

Activist groups and politicians who are desperate to indoctrinate your children with radical sexuality and gender fluidity are concerned about the agreement between National & NZ First to review the curriculum, and they realise that the age-inappropriate programme is on the way out. So they’re doing everything they can to try and stop the the review, and the latest attempt comes from the Mental Health Foundation who should know better.


Well, groups and organisations and politicians who are desperate to indoctrinate your children with radical sexuality and gender fluidity are concerned about the agreement between National and New Zealand First and they realise that the age inappropriate programme is on the way out.  So they’re doing everything they can to try and stop the the review RSE, and the latest attempt comes from the Mental Health Foundation who should know better.

So you’ll remember that in the coalition agreement between National and NZ First it said

Refocus the curriculum on academic achievement and not ideology, including the removal and replacement of the gender, sexuality, and relationship-based education guidelines.

But that all has the media, academics and the teacher unions in a panic. Fancy expecting schools to focus on “reading riting and rithmetic”, and not be allowed to indoctrinate our kids with the ideology that they have 112 genders to choose from and 200+ sexualities.

And the latest attempt to try and keep the radical RSE curriculum came last week.

According to 1News, and you just need to look at the feature image and the loveheart with the LGBT colours to see actually what this is all about…

An open letter is calling on the Government to keep the current relationship and sexuality education guidelines in schools and kura, despite coalition promises to do otherwise.

Twenty-six mental health and rainbow organisations have written an open letter to the Government this week, asking it to retain the current RSE guidelines. The letter said the guidelines were beneficial for schools and students.

Who are the organisations

I’ve circled all the ones that are LGBT – so the ones with a vested interest and showing what the real focus is.

Adhikaar Aotearoa Ara, Burnett Foundation, Every Gender, Gender Minorities Aotearoa, Indian Origin Pride, InsideOUT, Intersex Aotearoa New Zealand, Professional Association for Transgender Health Aotearoa (PATHA), Q Youth, Qtopia, Rainbow Hub Waikato, Rainbow Path, Tīwhanawhana

But here’s a real funny one.

New Zealand Drug Foundation. Yes the group that want to legalise and normalise drug use. They’re also concerned about gender identity and sexuality. They’re so versatile.

So let’s watch the interview where the Newshub AM Show markets this open letter – and we know it’s a marketing strategy because its not a debate where they invite us to explain why parents are concerned – no it’s a one-side sales pitch. They can’t handle debates or a counter view.  But let’s fact check it.

And it’s an interview with the head of the Mental Health Foundation Shaun Robinson who used to be the head of the AIDS Foundation, and before that with Presbyterian Support and president of the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services but in an interview said that he is appalled at the position of the Presbyterian Church on sexuality – “not one that I support or that Presbyterian Support supported” That explains the mission drift. He’s appalled at the bigotry and the homophobia of Christianity and he’s not a fan of organised religion. And he says that the Mental Health Foundation are a kind of sister organization to NZAF.

OK – good to know. Remember that when you hear about the Mental Health Foundation. So let’s have a watch of the interview.

They have asked for it. That’s just completely wrong. More people have asked that it be removed. Let me prove it.

Here’s the petitions I found since 2017 on this issue.


A petition calling for “better, more consistent” sex education in secondary schools was handed to Parliament in 2017, More than 5000 people have signed a petition started by 17-year-old high school students. But it  wanted Mates and Dates to be introduced into all high schools. Yeah – Mates and Dates – the programme we exposed, and which was recently dropped because it was extreme and age inappropriate and pushed gender theory. So it was started by a 17 year old, but it was signed by people of all ages. It wasn’t a school-based petition.

Then there was this one in 2019 – signed by 8,675 – but this lumped RSE together with sexual violence support services – which most people support. Not created by students but by left wing site ActionStation. Signed by anyone.

There was also this more recent one which has just 4,000 signatures and although it talks about “compulsory consent education”, it is basically about wanting the radical RSE curriculum and you’ll notice it says to start at year 1. Yep – 5 year olds. Started by a 24 year old Auckland woman. Not students

And this one from the year before with 2,400 signatures – started by a girl in year 13.

There’s also this recent one. Stop New Zealand Government from Removing Gender and Sexuality Education which has a stunning 286 signatures on it

And this one from late last year. that the national curriculum includes equitable and inclusive teaching of sex education in Aotearoa New Zealand, including the experiences of the queer, disabled, tangata whenua, and refugee communities. with an earth shattering 222 signatories. How can a government ignore that?!

Oh and here’s a real big one – Stop the removal of gender, sexuality and relationship based education in Aotearoa with … um…. 428 signatures.

And ironically the open letter does reference a petition –

This one signed by 14 people. 14 people!!

Have there been any other petitions? Let me think. Oh wait, there was this one

30,000 sign petition to stop NZ schools teaching gender diversity. In fact, the petition was eventually submitted to Parliament with 40,668 signatures. That’s more signatures than all the other ones I mentioned – combined!

But the media never mentions this one. Classic eh.

Let’s continue with the interview.

NZ First were never Minister of Education under John Key. It was Anne Tolley, then Hekia Parata, then Nikki Kaye. It was under Nikki Kaye’s watch that a lot of this weird stuff started happening. What he is half right about is that NZ First MP Tracey Martin was an associate Minister of Education during this time – and was pushing this radical curriculum. Here’s a key thing to note. She’s no longer with NZ First. That’s not co-incidence.

Really struggling isn’t he. Schools can still teach the stuff – but what is it saying when the government wants it age appropriate. How dare they?? What about all the ethnic groups – who actually, most of these Pasifika and Asian and Middle East and African families hate the RSE curriculum as it stands. We know that for a fact.

Now he says – it’s age appropriate because the Ministry has written it. That apparently should reassure us. Where is the evidence. He says they can remove their children – which is classic because he’s in effect admitting that it’s not necessary for all children – and then he takes a swipe at nasty conservative people. I think he’s referring to you and me

Hee! Nasty conservative people. Thousands of them that filled halls all around the country on our road trip last year.

Over 300 people!! Wooh. We had that number at a public meeting in Matamata on one night last November!

OK but this is where it turns really dodgy and you see the real mentality behind the Mental Health Foundation – and why parents should be very wary of them anywhere near their childre. Have a listen

It’s not the parent’s right to decide whether a child should be equipped for life. It’s our job. Parents are just “part” of the process. Primary age should be indoctrinated with extreme sexuality and gender fluidity – because Shaun says its his job – it’s the state’s job – not you as the parents. Shocking.

And the last bit.

Non-Pakeha. Sex ed and non-pakeha. Listen again

Yes we need RSE especially for non-pakeha who are feeling unsafe.

There you have gender ideology, radical sexuality and critical theory  wrapped up in one – compliments of the Mental Health Foundation.

Let’s read just a bit of what the hysterical letter actually says:

The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and the undersigned are deeply concerned by your government’s commitment to remove and replace the relationships and sexuality education (RSE) guidelines for teachers, school leaders and boards of trustees.

Removing these resources:
• disempowers schools, and threatens to derail efforts to create safer and more inclusive school environments, especially for rainbow and takatāpui tauira (students)    (so confirming what the real purpose of all of this is. Nothing to do with consent or health relationships or pornography)
• tells rainbow staff and tauira that they don’t deserve to be safe at school or work   (False – and an insult to school leadership)
• means many tauira will miss out on quality, vetted RSE, confining this education “in the home” or to informal sources like peers and the internet    (in the home – yes those nasty ignorant know-nothing-about-sex parents)
• empowers bullies, and makes it easier for bullying, discrimination and social exclusion to thrive in our schools and communities….     (once again a slight on school leadership who are doing a great job without this radical and extreme curriculum)

It’s important to remember the RSE guidelines were developed in response to calls to end bullying, violence and child abuse…

Yes apparently your child being indoctrinated and confused about their sexuality and gender will prevent child abuse. Quite the opposite actually. And all students are bullied. Where’s the petition for the disabled students, or the low achievers who might get mocked. Where’s the petition about cyber bullying., TikTok,

The guidelines outline practical tools to teach tauira about consent, healthy relationships, digital safety, sexuality and gender in age-appropriate ways, and were designed after in-depth consultation with schools, communities and young people….

You’re not reading the room. It’s the age-appropriate ways that’s the key problem.

Just back to the 1News report….

[Minister of Education Erika] Stanford told 1News the coalition government will review and replace the current relationship and sexuality education guidelines during its first term. “I emphasise the agreement to replace,” she said, adding that the current guidelines had important content she wished to keep. While references to gender ideology are almost certainly on the chopping block given NZ First’s strong stance on the issue during its election campaign, Stanford said guidelines around consent and healthy relationships were “critical to retain”. “It is important to note that these are only guidelines and schools are currently free to use them – or not – as they choose,” she said.

And fortunately most schools are rejecting it and refusing to allow in groups like InsideOUT and RainbowYouth – but you still need to check your school.

As at today, and despite the tv interviews and marketing by the media, the petition is at a massive 2,800

Just one other thing. The Mental Health Foundation did a submission supporting the ban on conversion therapy – and wanted to make it even more extreme than it already is. So if you have mental health issues related to unwanted sexuality and gender confusion and seek help, don’t expect any help from the Mental Health Foundation. They want to practice conversion therapy – but it’s in the direction they want – and they want it in the classroom also. Beware.

One other thing. The Mental Health Foundation have just announced that they’re having to cut 18% of their workforce because of declining fundraising revenue. Are they paying the cost of failing to listen to parents and failing to listen to families and of pushing radical agendas like RSE. Good question.

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