UK – Delaying a controversial ban on conversion therapy for trans people

As New Zealand rushed the flawed ‘Conversion Therapy’ ban into law this week, the UK is instead undertaking an independent report into the impact of the new legislation on therapists helping people dealing with gender dysphoria. The UK Government is now delaying a controversial ban on conversion therapy for trans people until it is changed to protect families, teachers and doctors. What a stark contrast to our own New Zealand Government’s rushed law making.

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said the current UK proposals would have a ‘chilling effect’ on therapists who want to help people dealing with ‘gender dysphoria’. The watchdog said the proposals must be changed to ensure parents and teachers are not criminalised for questioning whether a child really wants to change their gender. The EHRC said doctors and therapists must be able to ‘reconcile’ children to their biological sex if that is in their best interests. It also stressed the law must not prevent priests and other religious leaders advising congregations on sexual matters.

EHRC says the part of the law on trans people should be delayed until more research has been done.

If only New Zealand had followed this type of cautious approach.

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