Transgender medics warn against puberty blockers and reassignment surgery for teens

Two of the world’s leading doctors for gender reassignment procedures – both of them transgender women – have expressed concern about the number of children being given puberty blockers, and undergoing gender/sex reassignment surgery, describing the rise in procedures as “deeply worrying”.

Dr Marci Bowers and Dr Erica Anderson warn that children should not be given puberty blockers, which they say could have irreversible consequences. They also warn that reassignment surgery can leave people permanently sexually-dysfunctional. There are also serious, longterm mental-health issues to consider. 

Dr Marci Bowers is a world-renowned vaginoplasty specialist, and Dr Erica Anderson is a clinical psychologist at the University of California’s Child and Adolescent Gender Clinic.

Dr Blowers says:

“I think there was naïveté on the part of paediatric endocrinologists who were proponents of early puberty blockage thinking that just this magic can happen, that surgeons can do anything.”

She said that the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) could be intolerant of dissenting opinions.

“There are definitely people who are trying to keep out anyone who doesn’t absolutely buy the party line that everything should be affirming, and that there’s no room for dissent,” Bowers said. 

“I think that’s a mistake.”

What’s also deeply concerning, but sadly not a surprise, The New York Times refused to publish an op-ed submitted by Dr Blowers and Dr Anderson,  warning that many transgender clinics have recklessly provided hormone blockers to minors, despite the lack of evidence that such treatment is in their longterm interest. Anderson said that she had submitted an op ed to The New York Times warning about the risks of treatments, and the paper turned it down because the story was ‘outside our coverage priorities right now.’

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