Oral Submissions – ‘Conversion Therapy’ & Birth Certificates

Here is a selection of oral submissions recently made to the Select Committee on the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill and also the proposed changes allowing “self-indentification” of gender on birth certificates.

The Government wants to ban what it calls “Conversion Therapy” – thereby preventing anyone who experiences unwanted same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria from getting the counselling or support they may wish. The law will unfairly reduce options for some people, and could criminalise parents, prayer, carers & counsellors.

The Government is also planning to progress a bill allowing “self-indentification of gender on birth certificates, in a step to support gender-diverse New Zealanders.” This will make birth certificates meaningless, and will push ahead the normalisation of confusing ‘gender ideology’.

Dr Christiana Lafferty, a registered medical doctor, expresses concern about the conversion therapy bill
Bianca Aldridge says “I want the future New Zealand children to have the right to true whakapapa.”
Anna Chae is a GP, a youthworker, and the wife of a pastor at one of NZ’s largest Korean church
Art says “Why does the bill only criminalise ‘conversion therapy’ in one direction?”
Listen to Sarah Ennor’s powerful testimony to the Select Committee.
Rowan Hillsden says “We believe in freedom of speech and religion. Jesus never coerced anyone.”
Jessica McLennan warns that the bill cuts off freedom to get advice or prayer or support
Genevieve Gluck is a US-based writer and advocate for women’s sex-based rights
Madison Bond says “it’s controlling for the government to dictate what a parent can say to their child
Dr Debra Wilson is a GP and mother. She’s always objected to filling prescriptions for puberty blockers
Dr Ate Moala speaks against changes which will allow “self-identification” of gender on birth certificates
Bob McCoskrie, the Founder and National Director of Family First NZ
Boaz Raela tells the Select Committee that “It is in the discussion that we are able to find a way forward”
Margaret Curnow says “There is no place for fiction on a historical document which is based on fact”
Pafelio Momoisea is a key leader of PACIFIC WAVE, he says the new law would be a “biological lie”.
The International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice
Darren Gammie – the National Secretary for Assemblies of God NZ
Blake Williams, yr 13 student. Watch the shocking (condescending) response of the select committee chair
Mary Bullock brilliantly communicates what most kiwis know to be true: “a person is born Male or Female”
Stella O’Malley – M.A. in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is an expert on Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria
Watch this short but detailed presentation of the data around puberty blockers.
Fiona Vincent presents a submission on behalf of a mum who wishes to remain anonymous.
Pediatrician Dr Leinfellner says “the claim that puberty blockers are safe and fully reversible is incorrect.”
Cherie Wallace, school counsellor & parent – “the proposed bill shuts down conversations”
John Steenhof, principal lawyer from the Human Rights Law Alliance (Australia)
June Dooney says “A child is either born a boy or a girl. Please don’t confuse the issue”
Dr Ate Moala from the Pacific Child Youth and Family Integrated Care Trust
Jennifer Scott says “Why would I as a registered nurse support children being sterilised?”
Maddie Corkill tells the select committee that she is concerned about the one-way direction of this bill
Esther Chien says “we should be helping people to embrace their natural biological identity”
Erin Brewer from Partners for Ethical Care presents her powerful testimony
MP Simon Bridges questions the head of the NZ Pediatric Society
Women’s Liberation Aotearoa raises significant concerns about the ‘conversion therapy’ bill
Dr David Pickup (M.A.) from the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice (USA)
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