Submission Guide for opposing proposed ban on ‘conversion therapy’

Online Submission Form – the simplest quickest way to do your submission

The Select Committee’s online submission form is the most convenient way to make your submission. It takes you through the simple steps, and the only part that you really have to take time to consider is the important section on why you oppose the bill, and whether you want to make an oral submission (we recommend that you say ‘yes’). If you prefer, you can upload your submission if you’ve already done it as a MS Word document or PDF.

A link to the online submission form is here.

(You can also post your submission, although with ‘lockdown’, that is probably not a preferred or time-efficient method. Post to: Committee Secretariat, Justice Committee, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160)

Four easy steps

  1. Take time to understand the issue. Spend some time reading the testimonies and the background info on our website or read this or watch this. Talk to friends and family. Pray.
  2. Write what you want to say to the Select Committee considering this bill, clearly stating that you oppose the bill. Write as little or as much as you want, sharing your views. If appropriate, tell your story and your personal reasons for opposing the bill.
  3. Go to the online submission link. Your personal information will not be published if you use the online process – just your name. (If you do upload a word doc or PDF, don’t put any personal info on it.)
  4. Press the SUBMIT button. Done! That was easy eh. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee.

Some things to remember – when preparing your submission

The key concerns around this bill are the potential criminalisation of:
* parents who affirm the biology of their children and oppose gender ideology
* consent and the right to self-determination, freedom of religious expression
* counsellors, carers and teachers who offer support to those who request it
* places of worship, prayer and pastoral support, and possibly even faith-based schools who teach and explain their religion’s core values & beliefs.

At all times, be positive, respectful and constructive. Avoid overly religious language, personal attacks, negative labels, or angry words. Highlight what you are FOR, and why you are opposed to the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill.

If appropriate, include a personal story of how you have benefited from counselling for unwanted sexuality or gender issues (or any other relevant issues).

When you send your submission in, please consider also emailing or posting a copy to your local MP. You can find out who your local MP is (and their email address) at our website

Share your submission with friends and family. It may inspire them to make a submission also.

It’s THAT simple! Please don’t delay. Your voice matters. Your submission counts. 

The politicians need to get a loud strong message that this proposed law is a significant overreach that will criminalise loving parents, counsellors, carers and faith-based groups.

Submissions close SOON!Wednesday 8th September – Don’t delay doing your Submission.

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