Kris Faafoi still won’t answer a simple question about banning ‘conversion therapy’

Minister of Justice Kris Faafoi had the whole weekend to rethink his response, after his trainwreck interview on Friday on Newstalk ZB about criminalising parents who lovingly stop their children taking puberty blockers because they want to change their sex.

Question from the PM’s media conference on Monday: “Would a parent be breaking the law if they stopped their child from taking hormone blockers?”

Simple question. Simple answer. Yes or No. Faafoi won’t give an answer.

He then tries to suggest that the proposed law with significant criminal sanctions “isn’t about criminalising anyone”, but then talks about the process which results in parents ending up in court.

Conveniently, he also doesn’t mention the role of the Human Rights Commission and Human Rights Tribunal in enforcing the law which should freak out parents just as much.

Are you feeling reassured yet? You shouldn’t be. This is Nanny State 2.0

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