Leah’s message to NZ re banning ‘conversion therapy’

Leah is an ex-lesbian, as well as someone who experienced gender dysphoria as a child. Now she is married to a patient and gracious man and together they have a young son and a daughter born just this month.

Ten years ago she voluntarily sought counsel from Christian psychologists, ministries, support networks and people who had walked before her. It was difficult, but she found relief and happiness.

Every step of her journey will become illegal under a proposed ban on ‘conversion therapy’.

Leah says that none of these avenues of support were ever harmful or coercive. In fact, the counselling she received saved her life. Ex-LGBT people like her are living proof that real and lasting change is possible, that suicides have been prevented, and that it is good for people to have the freedom to choose the type of help and support they want.

WATCH her important and personal message to kiwi families as the New Zealand politicians consider a ban on the sort of counselling and support that transformed her life for good.


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