FAMILY MATTERS: Fact-checking TVNZ’s Sunday on puberty blockers for children

TVNZ’s Sunday programme recently ‘examined’ the issue of puberty blockers for children who have gender dysphoria.

But this wasn’t an ‘investigation’. This was a further pushing of the media’s own narrative and bias – sadly.

As predicted, they didn’t talk to pediatricians who are raising the red flag – and there are many of them – or refer to any of the research which is calling into question the current trend in treatment of children suffering gender dysphoria.

So we ‘applied the blow-torch’ to some of the statements that were made on the Sunday programme.

We watched the programme with a Professor in Pediatrics from Australia – Dr John Whitehall.

Watch his analysis – as we bring some much-needed balance to this issue.

Re puberty blockers – “I don’t know of any greater intervention in the brain and the body” – Dr Whitehall

Facts matter – for the sake of our children.

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