Free To Change Survey of 78 Former LGBT people

The reasoning behind ‘conversion therapy’ bans is often based on a 2018 research paper from the Human Rights Law Alliance and La Trobe University, “Preventing Harm, Promoting Justice” (PHPJ). It was based on the experiences of a mere 15 participants.

But an organisation called Free To Change has researched the many ex-LGBT voices which testify to the life-saving benefits of counselling for unwanted homosexual or transgender feelings.

As the Free to Change report states, “All that is necessary to counter-act their claims that ‘conversion therapy’ is universally damaging and harmful to the extent that it demands criminal legal penalties, is evidence that just one person who experienced unwanted same-sex attraction or just one person who experienced gender dysphoria, has found lasting change and/or relief through counselling. This report presents the collated experiences of 78 such people.”

The research shows that the support and counsel that participants voluntarily sought was helpful for their mental and physical health, with significant improvements in anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, self-image, and relationships. In addition, their unwanted same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria was significantly reduced.


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